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The website is established by lawyer Tao Xinhua who is the partner of Jiangsu HuBin law firm in 2006, which is the earlier lawyer's professional legal website for legal services and advocacy at the area of Wxi city Jiangsu province China.

Our lawyer team insist the legal Idea "spread the rule of law, provide legal services",serve for units and individuals ,provide Professional and quality legal services and help,Protect the legitimate rights and interests of the cliet and Promote the construction of the rule of law society.

We obey the principle of "Professional, efficient, diligent", provide the litigation and non litigation legal services at law consultant, company, contract, labour, investment, trade, intellectual property, divorce, inherit, real estate, criminal defense, etc...

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contacts: lawyer Tao Xinhua

MP: (0086)13861751657

Tel: (86)510 82731009

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Address: No.298 QingMing road Wuxi city Jiangsu province China , Jiangsu HuBin law firm.

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